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Subject: U guys
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bill5 7.11.08 - 12:54pm
Be very carefull of shell75x as she is very dangerus and a user thanks *

shell75x 9.11.08 - 12:28pm
Bill wot ya talkin bout is it cause ya got found out with bein bi ? N lyin bout it *

shell75x 9.11.08 - 02:53pm
And how am i a user ya old enough 2 b ma grandad n as 4 lovin bbws then y slag the lass nxt dr 2 helen n me thnk u should luk at ya self *

bobo87 2.09.10 - 10:19am
Shell ain't a user as she used to b on my bud list b4 I left pro. Shell remeber jmc8945 hun? As I'm back av send ya bid request xx *

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